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Our shoes are so tough, we guarantee them for a full 5 Years!

What is Shamrock Shoe?

If you are a serious cyclist or triathlete looking for the most comfortable performance bike shoe on the planet, look no further.  Shamrock Shoe is the first truly custom-fitted bicycle shoe that combines ease, comfort and convenience with superior performance.

Our Shoes are manufactured using a combination of hand crafted technique along with the precision of Cad/Cam technology allowing for optimum cleat positioning and precise trim lines.

We are developing specific designs for:

Serious Cyclists  who want to be totally locked into the shoe to provide maximum support and eliminate hind foot and mid foot rotation within the shoe to maximize power and performance

 looking for a slide in/slide out feature to guarantee a faster transition time, along with a design that will also lead to better power and performance resulting in faster bike times

Recreational Bikers
who have been reluctant to try other clipped in shoes for fear of being locked into the bike.  Being able to slide the foot out with ease is a major advantage when making sudden stops.



:: Key Features of Shamrock Shoes!

A revolutionary design made from a custom fit of the entire foot out of unique, durable light composite materials.  This allows:
  • More durable medial mid foot support for flat footed individuals which will not collapse over time
  • More durable heel support which will provide better mechanics by preventing the ankle from drifting
  • The hard, rigid material on the dorsum of the foot will provide more power with the upstroke

At Shamrock Shoe, we will not only provide the customer with a custom fit; we will also provide them with superior customer service!

Contact Us!

Shamrock Pro Custom Shoe
294 Tosca Dr.
Stoughton, MA  02072
(855) SHAM-SHOE (742-6746)


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Why Shamrock?


Superior power and performance
The hard upper outer shell provides maximum energy transfer from foot to pedal. With a hard upper shell, the top of the foot rests against a solid surface resulting in no loss of energy during the upstroke. 

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Hard as a rock.  Light as a feather
Most things that are hard are also heavier.  Our hard shelled shoe at about 145 grams is lighter than any shoe on the market.

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Aerodynamically Sound
The hard, one-piece shoe slices through the air without wind resistance.  The “stack height” of the cleat is less than other shoes which allows for a lower seat and aero bar placement, resulting in better aerodynamics.

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Materials second to none
The shoe is made out of composite materials used in the medical industry for prosthetics and orthotics. The primary composite (Syntax) has unique properties that allow for a lighter and more durable shoe. The sole is further reinforced with carbon fiber. 

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Rigid and durable
While high end bike shoes strive for rigid soles, the upper portion is made with a softer material.  The Shamrock Shoe one-piece design provides the same rigidity throughout the entire shoe and not just the sole.  The performance is unparalleled and the durability may last a lifetime.

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Outstanding fit and comfort
Shamrock Shoe is the only shoe on the market that is made from a total foot mold.  You can’t get a better fit than that.  The custom fit provides comfort you wouldn’t expect from such a rigid shoe. 

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Custom molded
The use of a foot mold before the shoe is manufactured provides a truly customized shoe to fit your foot.  With the ability to select your own personal colors and design, you can also customize the shoe to fit your taste!

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Kind of Cool
You’ve got to admit that having your own custom-fitted, custom designed shoes is “kind of cool.”

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